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Ceo - Creative Director

Creative Direction
Digital Marketing Strategy
Content Production

Cem Celik, the founder of CosmosConcept, initiated the collective with a vision to blend creative video production with cutting-edge social media marketing strategies. His journey from working with emerging YouTubers and the Hamburg music scene to producing music videos laid the foundation for his venture into social media, helping influencers grow and manage their followings..

In 2022, Cem expanded CosmosConcept’s services to full-service social media marketing, securing SirDam as its first client and marking the beginning of an ongoing journey of growth and innovation. His leadership and vision continue to drive CosmosConcept forward, making it a dynamic and influential force in the digital marketing landscape.


Cem Celik is an indispensable member of our CosmosConcept collective and continues to channel his entrepreneurial drive as a forward-thinking content creator and social media strategist. This dual role empowers him to infuse our projects with a distinctive flair, drawing on his wide-ranging experiences and individual projects. Cem's journey began with collaborating with rising YouTubers, assisting them in reaching significant milestones, and extending his talents to the vibrant Hamburg music scene, where he produced numerous music videos. Since 2023, Cem has dedicated himself to the social media sphere, aiding influencers in maintaining a consistent following and managing various aspects of their careers. With the advent of 2022, he expanded his expertise to offer full-service social media marketing, marking a milestone moment for CosmosConcept with SirDam as its inaugural social media client. Cem's journey is a testament to his versatility, from enhancing the profiles of up-and-coming entertainers to pioneering social media marketing strategies, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to innovation and the evolving journey of CosmosConcept.